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About Pad & Quill

About Pad and Quill
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As a couple, we started this business with $1200 and no idea what we were getting into. We painted our web designers deck in exchange for a website. We then built 4 quality prototypes, took some photo’s and started selling iPad cases online in 2010. After 3000 cases shipped out our basement window, and Mrs. PQ was done with our office taking over the basement, we moved and began building the brand Pad & Quill.

At Pad & Quill, we don’t merely want to shift the paradigm, we mean to blow it up. We don’t think the market needs another purveyor of cheap crap. Quite the opposite. We think there are folks out there who have the same sense of awe as we do when they behold a beautiful thing. Who marvel at how a handful of seeds can become a majestic stand of Baltic Birch that is then transformed, in artisan's hands, into a gorgeous, organic product. There are friends who share our sense of adventure and love to have a bag they pull from their closet with 15 years of travel written upon it and miles to go. Pad and Quill products will never resemble a trinket pulled from a fast food bag. Our products will excite your senses, carry your dreams and inspire your sense of authenticity.

At Pad & Quill, we don’t have “a guy”. We have a code we call our litmus test. Our promise:
  • Is the product made with handcrafted quality by well-trained artisans?
  • Have we created something that our discriminating friends would be proud to own?
  • Have we included an innovative approach to the function?
  • Is our product organic, sourced from natural elements and in keeping with good stewardship of our environment?
  • In consideration of our manufacturing process and partners, would we be able to sit across the table from an employees parent and tell them I am proud of the company of which your son or daughter is a part?
  • Have we maintained our dedication to preserving what is valuable from the past while merging with the remarkable technology of the present?
  • Have we left anything on the table in our design process?
  • Have we refused to settle for “good enough”?
  • Did we exhaust ourselves in pursuit of excellence?

When we've passed our litmus test, when we've honored our code, then a product can be burnished with the Pad&Quill Ampersand.

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